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Everything You Need to Know About the Year’s Hottest App

What started off as an App to tackle one specific industry has grown into an automated and intricate technology managing to make a breakthrough in the world of Online Payments. Since 2021, DoUTip has been making users’ lives easier by offering a contactless, cashless way to Tip.

Our Founder Gina Grossi was a consultant for 20 years.  She was constantly traveling to client sites and often found herself without cash or change to tip all those who provided services during her travels.

She vowed to create a mobile app to all users to Give With Gratitude.  DoUTip was founded to create a private, easy to use, mobile app to provide a means to Tip.

Users can scan a QR Code or simply enter a User ID to send a Tip.  The Tippee (person receiving the tip) does not even need to be there.

Never again feel embarrassed when you reach for your wallet and find you don't have cash or only have $20 bills from the ATM.

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